Carboxy Therapy

for dark under-eye circles, stretch marks, and more!

Also known as Carbon Dioxide Therapy, Carboxy therapy is an innovative way of using a natural substance to treat a range of problems including dark under-eye circles, puffy eyes, stretch marks and even cellulite.
Our body creates carbon dioxide all the time as part of the breathing process. Our treatment takes this naturally-occurring gas and uses it to boost oxygen levels in your body, encouraging it to repair and rejuvenate itself.

How does it work?
Carboxytherapy, which is also sometimes called Carbon Dioxide Therapy, involves injecting medical grade carbon dioxide into the affected area. The extra carbon dioxide in your body will cause your veins to dilate, increasing blood flow. The procedure prompts your body into sending more oxygen into the area, which helps it to heal itself.
Dark under-eye circles are often caused by poor circulation so improving the flow of blood and oxygen will tackle the problem in a natural, risk-free way. Carboxytherapy encourages collagen production which helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars and improve skin elasticity. It is also effective at destroying localised fatty deposits, making it a good treatment for people who want to reduce cellulite.

Does it hurt?
The procedure is painless and a topical anaesthetic will be used so you won’t even feel the discomfort of the needle. There are no known risks or side effects so you should be able to return to your normal routine as soon as the procedure is finished.