Chemical peels

Rejuvenated skin without the discomfort

If you associate chemical peels with unsightly peeling skin which will have you hiding out at home, think again. Visage Polyclinic offers a new generation of chemical peel which will allow you to go about your everyday life as normal, while still benefiting from refreshed and rejuvenated skin.

Our most popular treatment is the Aellas Nano peel, which is a safer, gentler alternative to traditional chemical peels. The procedure is highly effective in treating a range of skin conditions including acne, scars, photodamage and pigmentation disorders.
A gel will be carefully applied to the affected area, exfoliating and cleaning your skin to produce outstanding results.

Will it hurt?
The peel is a very quick procedure, lasting between one and three minutes. You will feel your skin become warmer and warmer until the chemical gel is neutralised. You may feel some discomfort similar to the sensation of having sunburn towards the end of the peel but it is over quickly. Once the neutralisation gel has been applied, your skin will feel comfortable again.

How many sessions will I need?
For optimum results, we recommend three to four sessions. You will notice a small amount of peeling but this can be easily removed by simply washing your face. Chemical peels offer a cost-effective and non-invasive way of achieving youthful, smooth, fresh-looking skin.